Using Home Canned Salmon

I recently canned some salmon that had been sitting in the freezer for about six months.  pressure canning pacific salmonLearning how to can beef, chicken, pork and fish with a pressure canner has been on my list for a while now. To see how I canned the salmon, click here.   Although we will be able to keep a lot of food in our freezer while living on our future homestead, I would prefer to use the freezer mainly for vegetables.  Why?  Because I like frozen corn much better than canned corn.  Ditto with green beans.  Have you ever canned zucchini?  It isn’t pretty – think mushy.  But if you freeze it either in thin slices or shredded, you can make zucchini bread or zucchini muffins even in the dead of winter.

But – you need to eat what you can to make it worthwhile!  Sure, I was proud of the fact that I actually canned my own salmon, but the only thing I have ever made with canned salmon before has been salmonMaking salmon patties from home canned salmon patties!  However, if we had salmon patties every week, we would get mighty tired of them!  So I went on a search for some other recipe using canned salmon. My first thought was to find something like a tuna casserole, but since I don’t like tuna casserole, I skipped over those recipes. I might look into one of those later.  Then I found this one for Salmon Chowder and then another one from Whole Foods, which also sounded really good.  Since hubby and I both love Clam Chowder, I thought I would give it a go using both recipes as a guide!

So, If you know me, you can expect that I tweaked these recipes together into one and omitted or added some ingredients.

How to make Salmon Chowder

Bacon cooking in butter. MMMMmmmmm….. bacon…♥♥♥

I started out frying the bacon with the butter.  After the bacon was browned, I took it out of the pan to save for later.  I added the onion to the pan and let that saute for a few minutes until it was translucent.  Then I added three tablespoons of flour and stirred, stirred, stirred. This quickly made a fairly thick rue, and I let that bubble for a minute or two while I stirred.  Next, I added four cups of chicken broth, a little salt and some pepper.  I wish I had only added three cups of the broth, but the potatoes needed to cook in the broth/rue mixture and I needed another cup of the broth to cover the potatoes.  Add the potatoes. After about 15 minutes the potatoes were getting tender, so I added the flaked and chunked salmon, along with the corn that was thawed.  I brought this up to a boil, turned down to a simmer and let it bubble away for about 5 minutes.  After the 5 minutes I added 2 cups of half and half.

Canned Salmon Chowder

The salmon flakes up pretty well. I left some chunks also, but I removed the skin.

That’s it!  The Salmon Chowder was absolutely delicious!  It wasn’t too salmony (if you know what I mean) nor did it have too many potatoes.  The broth was a bit thin, though. I crumbled the bacon on top of each bowl and served with fresh from the oven french bread.

Here is what I will do next time.  Cook potatoes separately until almost tender (maybe 10 minutes) before I add them into the chicken broth/rue mixture – that way I will only have to use 3 cups of the chicken broth.  Also, I will add time.  I didn’t add any the first time simply because I didn’t have any!  Also, I only had one cup of the frozen salmon and potato chowdercorn and I think it could have had a lot more, may be two cups.  This was the last of the frozen corn I grew in my garden last summer and froze. It was still delicious! Oh – and onion – a bit more onion! I need to trust recipes more because I only added 1/2 of an onion instead of the whole onion as suggested in the first recipe. Next time I will add the whole onion!

As you can see, I omitted the carrot and dill that the recipe from Whole Foods suggested.  I’m not a huge fan of dill unless it is a dill pickle, and I just don’t think carrots belong in a chowder.  I may be wrong, but it’s my chowder.  You have my permission to put carrots and dill in yours!

Salmon Chowder Recipe

Here is a jar of my home canned salmon. It isn’t very pretty, but it sure is good! However, it is almost impossible to get out of the jar!

Another thing I have learned from canning the salmon and then using it in a couple of recipes, is that I need to can it in smaller wide mouth jars!  The salmon chunks would be much easier to get out that way, and the smaller jars would also be just the right size for hubby and I.  This salmon chowder recipe made enough to fill the bellies of at least four adults, and the salmon patties I made previously made four very large patties.  So, using the smaller jelly jar size to can the salmon would make the perfect proportion for one meal for my hubby and I.  I might still can some in pints, just in case we have company.

recipe for chowder using salmon

This was so good! As hubby says “that’s a keeper!”

If anyone has another recipe that uses canned salmon – speak up please!  If you have a post about it, please include a link in the comments.  If you just have a recipe, you could type that into the comments as well!  If you have a recipe similar to tuna casserole….   well, ummmmm.. ♥♥ 🙂 ♥♥  no thanks.

The site for our future home!

The site for our future home! We are working on the plans right now!

As you may know, our plans are to move up to our future homestead, grow and raise most of our food, build our home off the grid using solar and wind power, and live as simply and happily as possible.  That is why I am learning how to can, freeze, dehydrate, ferment and store food.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about sustainable and organic gardening along with permaculture techniques.  I have been doing research about heirloom vegetables and heritage chicken breeds.  I am convinced that the trick is to learn as much as possible before we move up to our future homestead, because once we move up there, we plan to hit the ground running!



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16 thoughts on “Using Home Canned Salmon

    • Good idea! As you can see when you read the original recipes, you can use fresh salmon as well. I slipped over to your blog and was so pleasantly surprised! I read your beautiful poetry and saw your gorgeous pictures! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

  1. This sounds scrumptious! I grew up in the west coast area where Salmon was readily available all times of the year. I do miss it! Thank you for all the tips….look forward to seeing your journey.

    • Thanks! We are very lucky to live on the west coast and to have an inland river where salmon migrate every year! I love fishing for trout in mountain lakes, but I leave the salmon fishing for my husband to do! I did something to my shoulder last year and I don’t think I could bring in one of those big boys (or girls)! I am glad you are following our journey, as I am now following you! See you again soon!

  2. Hello Vickie,
    also this post is well done you, like all on your blog.
    The invites for your enjoyment ……
    My wife and I ATTEMPT it, as much as possible to do it yourself and to waive doses.

    Greetings from Oldenburg, Germany

    • Good morning, Uwe! I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. If everyone attempted to live an ecology friendly and self-sustaining life, this world would be so much better!

  3. Vickie I always enjoy reading about your adventures and experiments in sustainable cooking (is that a real term? it probably should be!). You totally have my admiration for canning fish and I’m curious, does the heat from the canning process change the texture of the salmon much or is it like the conventional salmon we’re used to? BTW I licked my lips at the photo of the bacon cooking in butter!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing at Real Food Fridays 🙂

    • Well – the canning certainly cooks the fish! I over cooked mine because I am a novice pressure canner and wanted to err on the side of caution, but the texture ended up being very much like the commercially canned salmon you buy at the store. Oh – and yes, that picture of the bacon cooking in butter couldn’t be any less sinful, could it! 🙂 Thanks, Lydia!

    • That soup was fabulous and I also think our plans are exciting! We have been planning for our homestead about ten years now, so the fact that we are going to be building our home soon has me in cloud 9!

    • You are so right about the tuna casserole-sort of thing! Come on, people – lets find some new recipes for canned fish out there! BTW, I did find a recipe for fish tacos using canned salmon! I will be giving it a go soon and let you know how it tastes!

    • Fish patties are one of my favorite go-to meals! Now salmon chowder is another. Next – salmon tacos! Yum! Thanks for hosting your blog party, Jann!

  4. Wow! I’m quite impressed – first with the canned salmon and then with the recipe! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,