The Outhouse – Fixtures!

While thinking about the outhouse we are building (read about Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed it) and how everything will work, I happened to get an E-Mail from Home Depot about them having over 3,000 items on clearance.  I decided to browse through and found something that caught my eye – a toilet seat that is really tall (see HERE). It’s purpose is to make it easier for the elderly or disabled to get on and off the toilet seat, but I saw it as a great “no spider near the tushy” solution!  If we secure this over the hole in the bench seat, then at least there is a clear 6 inches where you can see if there is a spider lurking!  Here is what it looked like out of the box.  What do you think?

elevated toilet seat for outhouse

Then I started thinking about sanitation.  At first I thought I would just have hand wipes or sanitary lotion on hand, then I realized that the 300 foot water hose will stretch from our well to the outhouse, which will make it convenient to spray off the floor when it gets dirty. But, it will also fill a 50 or 100 gallon barrel water storage tank elevated on a platform that we can pipe to a sink inside the outhouse.  Running water! That’s when I remembered I have a sink from my grandma’s old house!  It’s a wall mount (perfect) and is really old, but it’s free and would work perfectly!  I’m sure it will clean up just fine.  We may have to find a new faucet, but that’s okay.  old sink for outhouse

Finally, my dear sister, Deana, is remodeling a smaller house to move into instead of rambling around by herself in her current, huge 3,500+ square foot house.  The smaller house she is remodeling is the one her husband, Danny, grew up in (and where she first met her mother-in-law more than 43 years ago) which is really special.  Danny passed away one year ago today and we will miss him forever.  While I was at the house one day this past spring helping Deana tear down a few walls in the remodeling process of the bathroom, the medicine cabinet (see below) was removed from the wall and was to be placed in the dumpster, when I rescued it.  I wasn’t sure where I would use it at that time, but now I am so glad I was able to save it.  It will look great over the old sink in the outhouse!   Medicine cabinet for outhouse

The plan is to drain the water from the sink into a French drain on either side of the outhouse, where I will plant flowers.  One variety of flower I must plant is the hollyhock, in Danny’s memory.  He told me long ago that people always planted hollyhocks around outhouses so the actual structure would be hidden behind the beauty of the tall flowers!  Good idea!  Along with some native ferns and maybe some bleeding heart and some –  wait, I’m getting ahead of myself – the outhouse isn’t even built yet!      Hahaha!


Danny, my brother-in-law. You will always be alive in our hearts!

Come to think of it, there will be so much about Danny in our outhouse, perhaps we should call it something like “Danny’s Den”!  😉    Knowing Danny, I think he would approve and is smiling in heaven right now.


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35 thoughts on “The Outhouse – Fixtures!

  1. Thank you for mentioning my dad. He loved it up at your place. He would be honored for you to call the outhouse after him. Since he isn’t here to scare the (you know what) out if us while we’re in there, it would be perfect. I miss him every day and today is really hard. It gave me great happiness to wake up and read this about my dad and have a little laugh. I love you guys and thank you.

    • Lisa – my heart is with you today. I’m actually thinking of making a sign out of wood and posting it over the outhouse door saying “Danny’s Den”. Take care of yourself today and watch after your mom for me. I love you too.

      • That would be really funny and he’d get a kick out of it. I’ll b with my mom and Candace all day. Thank you for everything. Love you.

  2. This brought back many, many memories of my “Bro Danny”! He was the best – I will always remember the good times we had up on the Homestead. Yes, we will dedicate the outhouse to Dan… I also am brought to tears today!

    • I tried growing them once and thought they were a failure, but they came back the next year and were wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Pam. Love your hop, also!

    • Yes, I would prefer indoor plumbing also. Can’t wait until we can get the house built, but it’s just going to take some time! In the meantime we will have to enjoy what we have and make the best of it! Thanks for reading the post!

  3. I love your toilet seat! It would be a perfect solution to potential redback bites (if you had redbacks). Those nasty little spiders are horrible. We have an old, old rhyme that Aussie children are still being taught, ‘ there was a redback on the toilet deat when I was there last night! I didn’t see him in the dark, but BOY I felt his bite!! (if you’d like to listen to the whole song, its here
    Ahhhh! Your taps look bril! Are you going to connect up a water tank to the roof sos you can collect water to use as well? And the mirror is a nice touch 🙂 You gotto have a mirror!
    Have you considered growing a choko vine over your outhouse? In Australia many of the few outhouses you find will have one frowing over because they are a no fuss vine and choko’s taste wonderful!

  4. What fun project–with a VERY good purpose! My aunt and uncle have several acres just on the edge of their town, and they have a barn which they use for folk-music concerts. There’s no bathroom in the barn, so in order to fix the problem of having guests traipse up to the house all the time to use the bathroom, they’re building an outhouse near the barn. What a great idea to get a running-water sink in the outhouse! That’s going to be one plush privy 🙂

    • Jaimie – thanks! Do you have any pictures of your aunt and uncle’s outhouse? I would love to see pictures and I would love to attend their folk music concerts – how fun! I think outhouses are wonderful solutions to the “no bathroom” problem as I am sure guests would much rather use one and be comfortable than have to go without! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! BTW – running into Maria outside the courtroom was a blessing for you – for listening to your heart and doing the right thing!

  5. I’m fascinated by the whole idea of sustainable living. While, as a single woman in my 50s, I most likely won’t ever go all the way, I certainly can incorporate ideas into my lifestyle. I am now following via email. 🙂

    • I am glad to have you on board – welcome! I agree that the idea of sustainable living is fascinating, Revi! Incorporating it is simply a matter of baby steps, and I am learning a whole lot it seems every day! Following other bloggers is probably one of the most important ways I gain information. I am learning how to take care of chickens and bees, which we hope to have very soon, through homesteading blogs. I am also learning different ways to grow food, preserve it and prepare it. The best thing about it is that following a sustainable lifestyle is fun and rewarding! Have a great day!

    • Jacqueline – thank you for your sentiments. I’m glad to share my project and happy to receive comments, questions and advice about it!

  6. We live on 31 acres of mostly farmland, with a pond and orchard. Although we haven’t achieved “off the grid” status by any means, we do enjoy fresh farm eggs from our chickens, I can and freeze produce from our orchard and large garden, and we heat with wood. I’m not sure I could bring myself to face an outhouse though, especially in our harsh Michigan winters lol! More power to you (said with tongue in cheek 😉

    Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. I am following now via Feedly. Have a great week!


    • Good morning Deborah. Yes, using the privy in the winter will be a bit uncomfortable, but at least our weather isn’t as brutal as it is there in Michigan! Hopefully this will be a very short, temporary situation while we get our house built – with indoor plumbing and all! I am following you via e-mail! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. I love that you are finding ways to use things that otherwise would end up in a dump! I am slowly learning how to reuse things and come up with new uses as well.

    Thanks for sharing on A Humble Bumble’s Healthy Tuesday’s Blog Hop- I hope you will join us again this coming Tuesday!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

    • Thank you for hosting the Humble Bumble Hop as I find it one of the better parties around! So far we are finding uses for a lot of things. Not only do we feel better about not trashing a lot of things in the dump – but it’s cheaper for us to use old unused things in a new way! Besides, I think it will look great! Thanks for reading and for your kind comment!

  8. Oh I am so glad that you rescued that cabinet, it is a real beauty. Love the oval mirror! Yes, beautiful Hollyhocks with be wonderful around the outhouse. Planting them in Danny;s honor, love that idea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • I know! I agree that cabinet is beautiful with the oval mirror and all! I am thinking of just cleaning it up real good and not repainting it, but I’m not sure yet. I enjoy sharing my blog posts with your blog hop, “Share Your Cup”. It is so full of various tutorials, craft ideas, decorating ideas and tons of recipes! Thanks Jann!

  9. Wonderful, creative ideas for your outhouse – love that each of these parts have sentimental connections – what a tribute to your family – great picture of Danny (love that name – was my Dad’s name) I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Danny was a great guy and we will miss him always! The outhouse will be kind of a tribute to him, if you can call it that, and you are right about the sentimental part. Thanks for hosting the Home and Garden Thursday hop! Have a great day, Kathy.

    • Thanks, Ann! What we are going for here is functional, but if a little bit of fancy sneaks in, I’m all for it! When it’s all done you are welcome to come and try it out! Hahaha! I will see you again tomorrow.

  10. Great Information! We will be starting on one this summer. Your step by step photos have given us some good ideas how to proceed. Thanks.

    • Thanks! Wait until you see the finished projects! We have saved all our tile from many, many projects around our last two houses, so I decided to put in a tile floor and tile the sink! I will be posting pictures soon, so stay tuned! BTW – I checked out your blog and love it! I will be trying out your method to make powdered milk soon – thanks!