Dear Friends, We Aren’t Crazy!

Some people think we are as crazy as the Mad Hatter!

Some people think we are as crazy as the Mad Hatter!

Dear family and friends,

Some of you may not understand why we plan to grow our own wheat, or why I developed my 1-2-3 flour instead of just going to the store and buying flour. Others think we are crazy for wanting to raise our own chickens. The idea of aquaponics and growing our own trout may sound like sheer lunacy.  Building a concrete house with “earth tubes” and being “off-grid” seems like a fad to you. Organic gardening and preserving our harvest may be thought of as a waste of time.

broccoli and chicken ravioli

1-2-3 Flour
1 part acorn flour  (we have lots of oaks on our land)
2 parts almond flour (we have planted several nut trees on our land)
3 parts wheat flour (apparently growing wheat isn’t all that hard to do! )

Let me explain ourselves.

We don’t want to hurt the earth anymore. We want our grandchildren and their grandchildren to enjoy nature and good food and excellent health.  We don’t want to worry about chemicals in our vegetables, hormones in our meat, or corn DNA in our blood.

The beautiful spring-fed pond

Raising trout in a small pond is one of our dreams

Our plan to build a concrete house with a metal roof on five acres in the forest comes from our want need to be more self-reliant.  Once the homestead is up and running, we won’t have a mortgage, we won’t be buying electricity and we won’t be purchasing fruits or vegetables, chicken or eggs, honey or wheat.  We will grow/raise our own and preserve our harvest for the winter.  This is our retirement plan.

The last of the beets and carrots

A beautiful bounty from our garden. Next year’s garden will be bigger and better!

With this plan, it will free up our pension money and savings to enjoy our golden years. Without a mortgage or a large utility bill, we should have extra money for entertainment, goods and services. Seeing Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon and the Canadian Rockies is on our bucket list. We enjoy going to the theater (both movies and live plays) and attending  local festivals, such as the garlic festival in Gilroy and the asparagus festival in Stockton.

We don’t count on Social Security to last much longer (do you?) and under-funded pension plans are constantly in the news.  So, by meeting our own basic needs (food, shelter, water, warmth), we won’t be severely inconvenienced if Social Security or our pension system collapses.  You see, we are building our own form of social security!

We will buy or barter for grass fed beef and pork from someone else because raising large livestock is something we don’t chose to do. But, in the same breath, we also eat less beef and pork for our own health and the health of the planet.  And for those nay-sayers who claim that we can never be truly self-sufficient, I say We Agree! Absolute self-sufficiency is not our goal. We certainly don’t want to cobble our own shoes, weave our own fabric or forge metal to make our own car.  Our economy would collapse if there were no consumers of goods and services and that certainly isn’t our intent

We love camping in our travel trailer and can't wait to see Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and the Atlantic Ocean.

We love camping in our travel trailer and can’t wait to see Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and the Atlantic Ocean.

Are we “Preppers”?  Not really.  But we do want to be prepared for an uncertain future.

So, this will be our retirement: gardening, taking care of chickens, trout and bees, camping in Yosemite and Yellowstone, going to the theaters, and of course visiting with friends and family.  Is that so strange?



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