Stuff For The New House

Over the past year I have been doing a lot of online shopping and keeping my eye out for things to put into the house.  It will probably be months before we have our walls up and a roof overhead, but we are on a serious budget, so when I see something I want for the house that is on sale or clearance… I pounce!

Like our front door.  I have a brochure I picked up from one of the local box stores a few years ago, with a beautiful picture of the front door I was dreaming to have for our new home.  Of course, it was a dream and I wasn’t sure it would ever happen because this house is costing much more than we expected, and the door is expensive.

But, hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

This is the picture on the front of the brochure that I have swooned over for a few years.


Then, a few days before Christmas last year we were at that big box store and I SAW MY DOOR!  There it was, on one of those dolly/cart thingys, and I just had to look at it closer.  Of course, it was someone else’s because it is a special order door and normally not one that the store keeps in stock.  Guess what?  It HAD been a special order door that someone was returning because it didn’t fit their front door opening.

And it was almost HALF OFF!

Our new front door… A dream come true!

As I squealed and did a happy dance, we bought the door.  And a few weeks later my sons helped us get it into our cargo container for safekeeping.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Speaking of the house, we seem to get something done almost every day. Here is a picture of where our front door will someday be installed.  I know it doesn’t show (there are a lot of things going on INSIDE the walls) but we are working every day on SOMETHING.  We still have a lot of brush to clear and trees to trim to make the house CalFire safe.  We also need to get some trenches dug to bring the water line from the well house down to the house, and another trench for the LP gas line. On rainy days we are doing a lot of research on things such as: where to put the heater vent, or how to install an outside switch for the Tankless Water Heater.  We thank God for YouTube!

Gloucester Collection from Elk Lighting

Then, one evening, I was browsing on Overstock through their lighting sale and found the perfect chandelier for our dining room.  Seriously!

You see, I had several “musts” for my chandelier.  I wanted one with an “iron” look and feminine curves to mimic the front door.  It also had to be quite large, so I was looking at chandeliers around 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall, as the ceiling height is something like 18 feet in the dining room/great room.  I also wanted the candle type of chandelier with a fairly large bobeche.  I enjoy changing my decor with the seasons and/or holidays, and with this chandelier, I can use those small mini lampshades, or glass globes, or nothing at all.  I had three different sets of mini lampshades in our old house and loved being able to change them out whenever I wanted.  The Chandelier (above) fit all my criteria AND it was on sale… SCORE!

We had a little bit of room left on the storage loft of our well house, and that is right where she is sitting right now.  Yes, she.  She is decidely feminine, which will contrast nicely with the hard surfaces of tile and brick in the house.

When we were getting the rough plumbing done a couple months ago, Juan (our plumber) said that he would need to see the installation instructions for my free standing bathtub, to figure out where the drain should be.  Whoops.  That meant that I would need to actually purchase the bathtub that I had been coveting for a while.  And where would we store it once we had it?  We won’t even have a house to store it in for months and months.  Well, we just figured that, for heavens sake, it’s a bathtub!  As long as we left it in the shipping crate and covered it well with a tarp, it should be fine to store it outside.  I googled around and found a great deal with free shipping at Wayfair.  Isn’t it pretty?  We only unwrapped it enough to see that there was no shipping damage, then rewrapped everything, Gorilla Taped everything, tarped it, then wrapped it with ropes and bungies. Then we tarped it again.  😉

It should be fine.

I can not WAIT to soak in this tub. Ahhhhh…

Oh yeah…I would like to explain why I chose this tub versus a claw foot tub.

You see, I’m not getting younger.  We are trying to plan for old age in this house and one thing I do not want to do is get on my hands and knees to clean dust bunnies out from underneath a claw foot bathtub.  Also, this is an acrylic tub with airspace between the wall of the inside of the tub and the outside of the tub, which can be filled with expanding foam for insulation, so the water will stay warmer longer.

Good reasons…huh?

We also had to buy a direct vent heater and our tankless hot water heater because we needed to have templates for installation and vents installed BEFORE the first pour into the walls.  Once the concrete is in the walls, there will be no chases or vents cut through them without specialized tools, so we are trying to get everything right first, and then checking and checking our lists.

We are considering this bathroom light/vent for the 1/2 bath downstairs

Ray and I are hoping to continue  buying things for the house like these as we find them on sale or clearance, but unfortunately we are running out of storage room!  However, I did find this really nice bathroom vent/light combo on sale at Wayfair, and I just might be able to squeak it onto the shelf next to the chandelier.


We are also starting to frequent antique stores and architectutal salvage places for corbels, doors, stair newell posts, etc., because even though we love having a new house, we want it to have some character and reflect our personalities. As you know, I also love shopping at ReStore.  In the meantime, my favorite websites have become places like Houzz, Build, Wayfair, Overstock and Hayneedle.

Do you know of a great website to shop for household items online?

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21 thoughts on “Stuff For The New House

    • Good morning, Anne. Yup…it is a lot of fun! Except when I can’t decide between two great items, then it can be difficult. What a chore 😉

  1. Hi Vickie! As usual, it looks like our styles are a perfect match. I love everything you posted! And how amazing is it to find your very dream door on sale? And a chandelier that exactly met your very particular preferences? How does that even happen?!? Good job! Here’s hoping it will not been too many months longer and you can put everything in your new house.

    • Yeah, hopefully I will be able to install everything this year! I have my hopes up that I will be able to host next Christmas, but we’ll see. That front door was needed exactly when I got it, because that’s exactly when I was feeling pretty bad about the lack of progress on our house. What a great boost in morale! Have you already purchased some things for your new home?

      • Just a few pieces of furniture (found an awesome couch at the thrift store for $50, was given a vintage hutch, etc). Don’t want to buy too much when it comes to furniture because we’ve had stuff in storage for so long that I don’t remember what we kept and what we sold! We have a plan to go on a trip to Tennessee once we move in. My grandpa back there has some furniture for us, so we will fly out and rent a van to drive back. And I am always amazed at how cheap you can find some things back there. So we’ll probably do some scavenging and antiquing while there. 😃 As for some of the built in stuff, I’m not real sure exactly what I want (no specific requirements for a chandelier, etc), and I’ve been so focused on the actual building, that my brain hasn’t quite moved that far along. We’ll get there eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

        • Hmmmmm… Tennessee, huh? Yeah, the building takes a lot of time and energy, so a lot of the other stuff has to come later. When we sold our last home, we didn’t save much. In fact, almost everything we own is in our 20 foot cargo container and has been there for almost three years now. So, like you, I have forgotten about a lot of things stored in there. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Vickie! Email me please. My email server dumped my mail files so I don’t have your address anymore. I may have something you would like and I would be happy to give it to you if you are interested, but I prefer to keep it out of the comments. FYI, I LOVE that chandelier! And there is something so satisfying in finding a stellar bargain. I found a top-of-the-line, $435 treadmill marked down to$40 one year all because they wanted it off their floor. Best$40 I ever spent. I have no idea how many miles I logged on that thing over the years. Happy shopping!

    • Hey, Sharon! I always love hearing from you and of course you can have my e-mail! Don’t you just love a bargain? It seems I can’t buy anything anymore that isn’t on sale, on clearance or at a thrift store. Heck, I even love a clearance sale at a thrift store! Have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!

  3. Hello Vickie,
    great contribution as always …..
    Since you have really made some great bargains.
    Angi and I always read your posts with great pleasure and are really looking forward to what will happen and what the final result will look like.
    We wish you all the best for the new year and good luck with the further construction of the house.
    Feel embraced
    Uwe & Angi

    • Greetings, and thank you so much for your compliments. We will need all of the good luck we can get as we build our new home, so we will take all of your best wishes! I will take the challenge you describe in your blog to save a dollar a day. Maybe at the end of the year, if we save the $365, we can spend a weekend in San Francisco, which is one of my favorite places to visit here in California. Have a wonderful weekend!

      • Hello Vickie,
        Thank you for your kind words and for taking the challenge.
        I think great class.
        We then write, if it worked and we held out.
        Best regards

    • Thanks, Joanne! Even though they won’t really be seen side by side, they will be close enough in proximity that I wanted them compliment each other. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. We had the privilege of building a home several years ago and I did what you did. Shopped the sales and stored items. Everything is beautiful you have chosen. We will be remodeling our kitchen this year and that has me excited. Found you on Grandma’s Briefs Party Link

    • Thank you! I have been fairly lucky so far, to find the treasures at such great prices, and I sure hope this continues! Good luck remodeling your kitchen…I’m excited for you! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I am simply drooling over the snowy trees picture! And then I saw the door dream picture. I can sure see why you had your heart set on that one. I am loving watching you pick out things. I would be so overwhelmed with the choices.
    🙂 gwingal

    • Luckily a lot of the choices I have made so far are ones that I have been mulling over for a few years, or I would, indeed, be overwhelmed! Maybe it’s a good thing that it has taken so long to get this show on the road and finally begin building. 😉 That tree picture is from a view I will have outside one of the windows in our house. We found a beautiful lot years ago to build our forever home, and now that we are finally building, I am getting more and more excited! Have a great evening, Nikki!

  6. OMG i absolutely love everything you chose so far. That door —– omg SWOON!!!!!! And I love the idea of swapping out shades, too – I have three sets for my chandelier also, we are like twinsies!!

    Hey I need a direct email for you – I have something I want to forward to you (an email that came to me but I thought of you right away) but I can’t seem to find an email that works for you!! SO if you could get in touch with me, I can send it to you – thanks!!

    • Haha – yes, I do think we think alike! 🙂 I just adore what you have done with your house, and we both love living in the mountains! I will be happy to send you my e-mail. Have a great day… and thanks for the comment!

  7. Hello Vicki,

    I love the door, and it seems that someone is listening to your dreams. And the idea of the multi-purpose chandelier~~awesome! Where are you getting your great ideas? Also, the tub! I haven’t planned for a tub, just nice, easy to walk into showers, where we can sit while the water hits us. I don’t soak in a tub much because I don’t find them comfy. I may have rethink that. Thanks for sharing your ‘finds’~~so much fun. I have found many things, but have stopped looking on Craigslist for space purposes, and $$ purposes at this point. We are getting ready to get our house ‘sale ready’, and then use the equity to finish up once we sell. Then I will be hitting Craigslist a bit more. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. asking for my website, but won’t allow me to enter it??

    • Good to hear from you, Michelle! Yeah, we are running out of space to store everything, but Craigslist sometimes has such great bargains, it’s hard to pass them up 😉 I am waiting on pins and needles to see your trailer all set up and ready for you guys to start working on your new log home, so please post again soon! Your blog: is one of my favorites to read!