K-Cup Advent Calendar

I know, I know – it isn’t even K-Cup Advent Calendar Halloween yet!  But if you want to make some of these Advent Calendars  for your kids or grandkids, you should probably start thinking about it now!

Supplies needed:

– 24 K-Cups

– One 9-1/2″ x 14″ shirt box

– Glue

– Wrapping Paper

– Enough toys or candy – or both for the 24 K-Cups

What is so great about this project is that it doesn’t cost much, reuses something you would probably throw away any, and is a wonderful gift for any child!  If you don’t use K-Cups, some doctor’s offices or business offices are using them in their waiting rooms and break rooms.  Ask them!  I’m sure they would be glad to get rid of them!  BTW  I tried to take a picture of every step along the way.  Some of the pictures are blurry because it’s hard to take some pix one handed – sorry.  😉     Also, you want to read the whole tutorial through to the end before you start – just so you have a general idea of what you are doing.

So………Here we go

First things first – clean out the K-Cups!

K-Cup Advent Calendar


Now you need to use a little bit of math – or use my measurements if you are using K-Cups and have a 9-1/2″ x 14″ box – grid out the box so that the K-Cups fit fairly evenly.  I found that if you have about 1/4″ between each K-Cup it comes out pretty even.  Don’t worry about messing up the box with pencil marks – it gets covered anyway.  Once you have everything done, cut out the circles about 1/16″ inside the circles – for the lip to glue the K-Cups onto.K-Cup Advent Calendar

Okay, so now the circles are cut out.  Place some other (not used yet are fine) K-cups upside down where the space between the K-Cups will be.  These are used for support.  Don’t worry, you can take them out later!

K-Cup Advent Calendar 4

Now, place the box with the holes you cut over the bottom of this box, place glue around the very edge of the cut out circles and insert a K-Cup.  You can see how the upside down K-Cups act as spacers.K-Cup Advent Calendar

Once all of the K-Cups are in, place something fairly heavy in each cup to hold down each cup.  I used some of those decorative glass thingys, but you could use beans or something like that. Making K-Cup Advent Calendar

Now for the fun part.  This should already be done, of course, but gather the toys and/or candy that you have accumulated.  This one is for a girl.  You can see barrettes, hair bands, bracelets, light-up rings, pedometer (I thought that was pretty cool), shrinky-dinky washcloth egg (also super cool – when you put it in the bath it becomes a washcloth!), gold coin chocolate, puffy stickers, hershey’s kisses, a bracelet, and a christmas ornament.  Make sure each one fits inside of your cups.  I actually went shopping with a couple of cups in my purse.  Most of the items seen here were purchased at the Dollar Store, Michael’s and Big Lots.  Once you are sure you have all you need, proceed!

K-Cup Advent Calendar 2013

Okay – time to shore up the box.  First, make sure your box corners for both the lid and bottom are pretty stiff.  I taped my corners down.  Then, once your K-Cups are pretty well glued in and dry, flip the box over, put a dollop of glue on the bottom of each cup, and place the bottom over the box.  Of course, you remembered to take the spacer K-Cups out – right ?????  Advent Calendar made of K-Cups

Before you go any further with your closed up box, cut your wrapping paper!  You should cut it as if you were wrapping a present, with overlapping on both ends and in the back.  It is important to do this now, before you go onto the next step.

K-Cup Advent How To

Now is the best part – fill up the cups!  I used a combination of candy and presents, so I mixed them around a bit.  But, I made sure that on December 24th the K-Cup would hold an ornament for the tree!

How To Advent Calendar

Okay – you are now on the home-stretch!  Carefully place glue around each K-Cup.  Try not to get any on the actual cup or inside the cup!2013 K-Cup Advent Calendar

Now – CAREFULLY place the wrapping paper over the top of the glue and K-Cups.  Don’t slide it or you may get some inside the cups!  Make sure you are getting the paper on so that you will be taping the seam shut on the back side! Now, put some cardboard over the top and then some things that aren’t too heavy on top to weigh it down.  Not too heavy – you don’t want to crush the whole thing!  Yes, I know the juxtaposition of the pumpkins against the Christmas wrapping paper is a little strange….. please don’t judge me!2013 Advent Calendar K-Cup

While you are waiting for this glue to dry, cut out or stamp out some shapes, then write or stamp numbers on them 1-24.

Advent Calendar from K-Cups

Once your glue is dry, it’s time to finish wrapping your package!  You can use two sided tape and it would look better than this one.  I ran out just before I did this tutorial!   😉Advent Calendar Wrap Up

Now, lightly with your fingers, figure out where the center of each K-Cup is, put a dollop of glue there, then stick on your numbers.  You can go in order, like I did, or you can do them randomly – which ever you like!Calendar for Advent K-Cups

Now, you can leave as is (you’re done!!!) or decorate further with ribbon, bells, ornaments,  whatever floats your boat!  I put the ribbon on because these are fairly lightweight and with the ribbon they can be hung on a wall like a picture!

K-Cup Advent Calendar

So there you have it!  Each day, the child pokes his finger through the paper, corresponding to the day where the number is, and receives his prize!

Yes, this can be done with Yogurt cups also!  For the Yogurt cups, however, you need a much bigger box, or you could just do 12 yogurt cups.  This can also be done for Hannukka, Kwanza, or even for the 12 days of Christmas.

If you make one of these and have a blog, I would love to see it!  Please let me know in the comment section that you have posted a picture of it because I would love to have a post with just pictures of all the calendars!

Stay Tuned!  Next week I will post a tutorial on Snow Man Kits!

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35 thoughts on “K-Cup Advent Calendar

  1. Awesome! I am so doing this for my little girl. Thank you for the amazing idea and tutorial… and the advanced notice so I can save my cups (although with the amount of coffee I drink that may not take too long).

    • This is so much fun to make! I especially had fun finding all of the “presents” to put into the cups! It is amazing what you can find! Some of these came 2 or 3 for $1, and some were $1 each, but I think the total cost to make one of these was about $12! Of course, if you want to put in some “real jewelry” it will cost a bit more. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you make one of these and post it! Please let me know – maybe everyone that makes one can post theirs and then we will all link to each others posts – An Advent Calendar Hop!

    • Thanks, Marie! Yes, this would be a fabulous idea for older kids – even a Girl Scout or 4-H club could make these fairly inexpensively for less fortunate kids! Or, this could be a great present for an older sibling to give to a younger one! Seriously, if all you put in it is candy (which was the traditional way) it is still a wonderful lead-up to Christmas. Or hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa. The possibilities are endless!

    • I never thought of using applesauce cups – good idea! I hope you make one because I think I had as much fun making them as the grandkids will have using them! Thanks, Barb!

  2. This is a fabulous idea! I love it! This would be big enough for all four of my guys to get a gift every day! Woot! I have never bought advent calendars because I would need to get one for every child, but this! Brilliant! Thankyou so much for sharing!

    • So much fun to make! I need to finish two for my grandsons – still need a few more things to put in them. Let me know how yours turn out!

  3. That is SO genius! I love Make Your Own advent calendar ideas – I did one when I was a kid that involved tiny matches boxes in sleeves acting as drawers that you pulled out to contain a goodie each day. I am sad I lost it actually, it wasn’t the prettiest (I WAS 10 when I made it haha) but it served its purpose! May have to give this one a go next… 🙂

    *Found you through Natural Living Mondays!

    • Anna – that matchbox advent calendar sounds so cute! So sad you don’t have it anymore 🙁 You should definitely try this one! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

  4. What cute ideas! And you aren’t kidding. Between grandkids, caregiving, moving, health issues and normal colds and flu, Christmas will be here any moment. The sooner we start, the more we’ll get done, that’s for sure. Thanks for a lovely visit for the grand social!

    • Thanks, Kaye! I know – right!??? This time of year seems to go by soooo fast, it’s hard to keep up! I like making things like this, and since it’s for the grandchildren for Christmas, I have a great excuse for spending time crafting! Hahaha!

    • You could try making these out of yogurt cups, Dixie cups, or – as Barb @ A Life In Balance said below – applesauce cups! BTW – tell Amara that I hope she has a wonderful Halloween! I hope you post pictures!

  5. This is a great idea and I am going to do this instead of buying a advent calendar for my girls. I don’t always like it being about candy. But with Halloween coming up.. I can save back some of the Halloween candy for the advent calendar 😀

    • Yes, you are right! It would be a good time to get bite sized treats to fit into the k-cup! Good idea! I was also thinking it would be fun to fold up some small hand made gift certificates, perhaps one that says “no chores for the whole day” or “good for one dinner of choice”! Let me know how yours works out! Better yet – send me a picture! Thanks, Kristy!

  6. Made 2 for my girls! It took more time than I thought it would. Cutting out the circles was a pain. I used 3oz dixie cups and my box was 11×17. I can’t wait for them to start using it! Thanks!

    • Yes, cutting out the circles took a bit of time! I know that Martha Stewart has several sizes of circle punches that can be used, which would make this process a lot faster! Thank you so much for letting me know you tried it! I know your girls are just going to love it!