Garden Update – Good and Bad

It’s the middle of June and my garden has been in the ground for a couple of months now.

These tomatoes are growing so fast!  We had to fortify those flimsy tomato cages due to a nasty north wind, but everything looks a lot more stable now.

These tomatoes are growing so fast! We had to fortify those flimsy tomato cages due to a nasty north wind, but everything looks a lot more stable now.

We are having a north wind today, which has blown over a couple of my giant heirloom tomato plants!  I staked it up with a couple of dead branches we cut out of a tree, but the tomato plant is so top heavy it fell over again. Then I used twine to tie it to a couple of stakes, but that didn’t work well either.  Finally, Hubby Ray got home and was able to drive the stakes into the ground further, and along with some twine I think they are pretty stable for now.  It’s not pretty, but it will do.


Unfortunately, I think my squash plants are silently succumbing to the squash mosaic virus (see post here) because the plants aren’t producing squash like they used to, the leaves are all curly and frilly looking, and what squash that does grow is getting pretty gnarly looking.

The leaves of both the zucchini and yellow summer squash are looking really strange - frilly and curly - I assume due to the squash mosaic virus.

At this point, since it’s so early in the season, I’m thinking of pulling these out and getting a couple of new squash plants started.  I know they won’t produce until August, but I should get a couple of months of squash out of them anyway.  At least I think so. And maybe I will also start a cucumber plant.  I forgot to plant cucumbers this spring, but I think there is enough time to get some going. Besides, from what I hear out there in blogland, there are quite a few gardeners just now getting their vegetables planted.  Besides, there’s no harm in trying!

So that’s the bad  🙁    Now for the good!  🙂

The Black Turtle Beans are growing like crazy!  It was just an experiment to grow them this year, so see how much I will get at harvest time.  These are a dry bean and I’m hoping to get enough to make a few bowls of chili or soup!

It looks like I may get a pretty good harvest of black turtle beans!  I hope we get enough for a few bowls of soup.

The corn is all tasseled out and the cobs are forming quite well!

The cobs are filling out on the corn!  We will soon have heirloom sweet corn to eat!  Yum!

Everything I planted in the garden came from organic and heirloom seeds.  I wanted to make sure the corn was not GMO, as I hear it’s hard to find any nowadays that isn’t.  The corn that I planted is a sweet corn that should be good right off the cob.  I’m hoping to get enough to either can or freeze, but we really like to eat corn on the cob (as do a lot of our friends), so I’m not sure if there will be enough!

Take a look at the purple potato plant!

The purple potatoes have outgrown their grow bag many, many times over!  Is this normal????

This plant is absolutely humongous!  It is supposed to be this big?  The poor thing has spilled out of it’s grow bag and is starting to invade the melons!  However, it doesn’t look like the melons mind one bit.  There are quite a few starts of melons (cantaloupe type) growing and the vines are starting to grow this way and that.

The flowers are gorgeous and would make a beautiful bouquet, but I don’t have the heart to pick them.  They just look too pretty in the vegetable garden!

A beautiful pink gladiola.  I don't have the heart to cut it for inside the house because it looks so beautiful in the garden!

I will be harvesting the rest of the beets, carrots and lettuce this weekend, but I am not sure what I will put in their place.  Any suggestions?


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12 thoughts on “Garden Update – Good and Bad

    • Oh that’s Awesome! I hope we end up with a harvest such as yours! Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it! Vickie

  1. Other than the squash your garden looks fantastic! We got off to a late start (I guess) but I had to wait so long for the last frost day to pass this year. I have never grown purple potatoes…curious to see how yours does. The fact that it is encroaching on the melons is a good sign isn’t it? Lets hope so 🙂

    Look forward to finding out what you put in the beets, carrots, and lettuce position.

    • Yes, everything seems to be coming along! We have had plenty of squash lately. It looks like we are going to be knee deep in tomatoes soon. Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment!

  2. Loved the pictures of your garden. You are right, for many of us, our gardens are just getting started. I have been able to pick radishes so far. I am hoping for some swiss chard and lettuce this weekend!

    Thanks for sharing on our Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

    • Yes, I think I will actually leave them in for just another week because they are still producing, but then I will pull them out and plant some more. Not so many this time, however! 😉 Thanks for having an awesome hop! See you next week.