Freezing Fire Roasted Chili Peppers

My Anaheim Chili Pepper plants are producing an overabundance of really nice sized peppers!  Since I don’t want to waste any of this bounty, I decided to freeze them.  Whole Anaheim Chile Peppers

The first task was to prepare them for the grill.  I washed them, cut them in half and then seeded them.  You may prefer to grill them whole and then seed them later, but I find cutting and seeding them first is easier.  If you do cut them first, make sure you slice the curled ones in half so that you see a “C”, so they will lay flatter on the grill.

chili peppers - 2

Place the peppers on the grill, skin side down.  What you want to get is a generalized brown, blistered skin.  In fact, you may think you have burned the chile pepper, but remember that the skin is to be peeled off.  In fact, the more the pepper is browned, the more flavor goes into the flesh of the chile, and they are easier to peel.

chili peppers - 3


As you pull each chile off the grill, place it immediately in some kind of container that will keep the peppers hot and the steam in.  This helps to make the peppers easier to peel.

chili peppers - 4

Peel the skin off each pepper.  You don’t have to be perfect and if some skin doesn’t want to come off, you can scrape it off with a knife, or just forget about it!

chili peppers - 5

One trick I found that makes peeling the peppers easier is to keep a bowl of water nearby because the peels tend to want to stick to your fingers.  Just dip your fingers in the water when the peel sticks and the peel just slips off into the water!

chili peppers - 6

Now, to freeze the peppers, place them in a single layer on parchment paper you have placed over a cookie sheet.  They freeze very quickly – in about an hour – so I don’t bother covering them with plastic wrap or anything.  I prepare freezing bags with my sucky machine (aka Food Saver) while the peppers are freezing.  Then I make dinner!  What else, but Chile Relleno Casserole!   Recipe is below.

chili peppers 11

Once the Fire Roasted Chile Peppers are frozen, I stack enough of them to make one recipe of the Chile Relleno Casserole, and then freeze them in the vacuum seal bags.  They will last for more than a year like this in the freezer!

chili peppers - 12  And now for the recipe: Recipe for Chile Rellenos CasseroleLayer the chiles and the monterrey jack cheese. No need to thaw chiles if they are frozen.

Chile relleno casserole

Pour on the egg mixture, then add 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.Chile Relleno Casserole

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 1/2 hour, until the cheese is golden brown and there is some bubbling action going on toward the middle of the casserole.

Chile Relleno Casserole

Enjoy!  This is a great meatless meal.  I like to add a fruit or green salad on the side and it is sooooo good!  For another recipe using whole fresh Anaheim Chiles,  click HERE


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21 thoughts on “Freezing Fire Roasted Chili Peppers

    • It is really good! Fire roasting the chile first (barbeque) is a great way to get that smokey flavor into the chile, and then it is really good in the casserole! You should try it!

    • Hello Barb – yes, I think this method works with just about any type of pepper – even sweet peppers! You should try it!

  1. Thank you for the recipe! My next door neighbor has had an over abundance of Anaheim chile peppers, too and has gifted me with a bunch. My mother-in-law used to make a chile rellenos casserole but she never shared the recipe — I am going to try yours for sure! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party.

    • Yes, this is a great recipe. I should have put in the post (I will do that now) that I got this recipe from my sister, Deana! She is a really good cook and most of the good recipes I have came from her. There are other recipes out there that use meat of some type also, but I choose not to. This recipe tastes very much like the traditional chile rellenos. After you make it, let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by from the Linky!

  2. Far easier than I thought. I’ve never frozen the chili peppers but just may try it this year. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for making my stomach growl (seriously!) with that recipe. AND… thank you for joining the GRAND Social! So happy to see you there!

    • Thank you so much Lisa! Yes, it really is easy. The hardest part is getting all the sticky peel off your fingers (hence the bowl of water)! You should really try that recipe! When I have a big crowd, I love making a bunch of enchiladas to go with it, along with some chips and salsa. Don’t forget the Margaritas! Anyway, thanks for hosting!

  3. This is marvelous – a wonderful tutorial – how marvelous to have these on hand to create this delicious recipe – beautifully done!
    I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  4. Oh Yum! Chili Rellenos are one of my fav’s. I make a casserole with canned whole ones, but nothing is a good as fresh from the garden! Thanks so much for sharing this. I didn’t plant any this year, but will for sure next year and I appreciate you showing us how to freeze them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • Jann,
      Yes, I also used to make this recipe out of those canned ones, and they are good, but somehow the ones I prepare myself just taste better! As always, thanks for hosting your hop at Share Your Cup!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Natural Living Monday!

    We grow and store green chili (anaheim) peppers as well, and use them all year long! I don’t usually seed mine or cut them in half, but we do roast them on the grill (or in the oven) to get the skin off, and give them a nice, roasted flavor. Isn’t the smell amazing?!

    • You are so right, Becky. I love those recipes also. Afterall, what good is frozen produce if you don’t know what to do with it!

  6. Thank you. My answer to too many chili’s and too many eggs. I love to grow things but what to make that is different is a problem! We get tired of same ole recipes

  7. I tried your method this morning, although I broiled them. It was SO EASY having cleaned them before. I am so excited with the method. Thank you.