Free Kindle Gardening Books!

Pantano Romanesco tomatoOh my goodness!  I love free books!  I just “purchased” six gardening e-books for my Kindle and I can’t wait to read them – especially with spring right around the corner!  I also picked up a couple of free e-books about raising chickens!  Ya-hoo!

Did you know that you can “purchase” these free books even if you don’t have a Kindle! Just download the “Kindle for PC” app on Amazon and you are good to go! It’s free! Here is a list of the ones I just “bought” and their links:

NOTE:  The first set of books I put on this link are no longer free.  So, I went back to the free kindle book list and found these:

SORRY – Not free anymore.  I will update this again when I find more free kindle gardening books!


Grandma’s Herb Garden Secrets

How to Improve Soil Condition in Your Garden

Survival Seeds For Life  

Composting:  A Comprehensive Guide   

Vertical Gardening;  Ultimate Guide   

Beginner’s Guide to Raised Bed Gardening  

Victory Garden Guide for Self Sufficiency  

Growing Vegetables Like A Pro  

And then these books are about raising chickens: These are no longer free either: 

Backyard Chickens For Beginners  

Backyard Chickens Crash Course  

Remember to get these soon because I don’t know how long they will be free to “purchase”!  And make sure you double check the price before you click on the purchase button!  I think these are usually free for only a week or two.

I love that Amazon offers free e-books.  So far, I have about 50 free e-books from Amazon – from cooking with almond flour to classics like Jane Eyre!

By the way – this is my 100th Post and I thought it would be appropriate to publish it on my One Year Blog Anniversary!  I posted my first article on January 14, 2013, and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far! Pretty good for an old lady like me!  🙂

The rumors are true: when you start blogging it’s so much fun it’s hard to pull yourself away.  I have made new friends and learned a lot of new skills!  If you don’t have a blog and were thinking of starting one, I would encourage you to do so!  You won’t regret it!

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27 thoughts on “Free Kindle Gardening Books!

    • Thank you, LuAnn! Those books are great – especially since they are free! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already – seems like yesterday when I was trying to figure out how to post an article!

    • I can’t wait until we build our chicken coop and can use all the knowledge I am gaining through reading books and blogs! Don’t you just love free things??!!!

  1. CONGRATS on your 100th post! I love my Kindle and free books are awesome. Especially when they are useful books. Time to start prepping for spring! Thank you for linking up for Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

    • My spring preparations are greatly reduced this year as my garden will have to be planted mostly in pots. 🙁 But, I still like to read up on all that I can about gardening, chickens, beekeeping, preserving food, etc. I can’t wait until we move up to our future homestead – then I can have a huge garden!

    • My garden will be smaller this year because we are having to turn last summer’s garden area back into lawn. That’s because we will be soon putting our home on the market, preparing to move up to our future homestead. Finally! I hope you have a bountiful garden this year!

    • Oh no! Sorry about that! 🙁 They have been free since Monday, so I guess those that got the books were lucky! Thanks for letting me know they are no longer free! However, I did find three more free gardening books on Kindle, so I edited this post and put those in!

    • Me too! I love getting these books free and have a whole library of free books on my Kindle! Of course, I buy some also – but free is great!

    • Yeah – I just noticed that. 🙁 However, when I find more free gardening/homesteading books I will list them in this post! Thanks Jenny!

    • Yeah – I was so excited when I saw these books. I didn’t realize they were only free for a few days. Oh well, I am glad a lot of people got some free books!

    • Good evening, Sarah! I LOVE to read gardening books – especially the free ones! Now I can’t wait until January 31st! Thanks for letting me know.