Building Our ICF Home

We are building our new home using Faswall Insulated Concrete Forms.  Our goal is to build our home as sustainably as possible.  Utilizing a passive solar design, we will not require an air conditioner, but instead will install a whole house fan.  All lights in the house will be LEDs.  Because our home will be super insulated due to the ICF construction, we will require only a Masonry Heater to heat the entire house.  The house will be completely off-grid, using only solar power, propane and wood for energy.  Come along with us on our journey.  We invite your comments, questions, and suggestions… but please be aware that if you are rude or use “colorful” words, we have the right to delete you!

  1.  We Got Our Building Permit… Finally!
  2. Our ICF Building Blocks
  3. Breaking Ground!