Beautiful Bounty!

The garden is really producing a lot of vegetables!  I pulled out the last of the beets and carrots and the remaining corn.  Now the beans, tomatoes and peppers seem to be taking over!  This was our haul a few days ago!

The last of the beets and carrots Pantano Romanesco tomato zinnias purple fingerling potatoes melon Caden's Sunflowers

The tomatoes are coming on strong!  The plants are huge and the mystery I had with one of them wilting has been solved – apparently the wind had nearly broken the plant off at it’s base! Thank goodness it wasn’t one of the many fungus, mold or virus maladies that many of my readers suggested!  Since the plant was obviously struggling, and since there were actually two plants in almost the same hole, I just pulled the whole plant out.  Sad, but it was a little crowded anyway and now the healthy tomato plant can grow to it’s heart’s content!

The Zinnias are blooming and blooming.  I have cut quite a few for indoor bouquets and I no longer feel guilty cutting them when I see the abundance of blooms on the plant!

The purple fingerling potatoes are going crazy!  They long ago spilled out of their grow bag and are now crawling at least 6 feet along the ground!  Will I have potatoes where the vines are crawling along the ground outside of the bag, or do you get potatoes only near the root?  I guess I will find out at harvest time!

There are several melons peeking out here and there.  I’ve never grown melons before and didn’t know you were supposed to protect them from the sun, so some of them have big sunspots.  Lesson learned!  I am a little embarrassed to tell you that I planted two varieties of melons –  Ananas D’Amerique A Chair Verte and Schoon’s Hardshell – but at this point I’m not sure which is which!

Finally, Caden’s sunflowers are within weeks of harvest.  It’s amazing how tall these and the other four I planted have become!  I think I will have him help me disengage the seeds from the head and then roast them in the oven.  Though I don’t think Caden eats sunflower seeds, I know he would be very proud to be able to serve some to his dad!

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26 thoughts on “Beautiful Bounty!

  1. Ahhh! I LOVE your garden!
    What type of tomatoes do you grow?
    I have never seen purple fingerling potatoes before, they look like they grow like sweet potatoes…?
    Mmmm, love the look of your melon’s. I have not as yet had any luck with them. Have tried various spots in my yard, but so far no dice 🙁 Never mind. I am still going to try again, lol!
    Lovely sunflower! They grow alright for you? I am thinking about trying my luck at growing a sunflower ring tent for the children, but I have middling success growing them, so I dunno..
    Zinnias….now that is a name that invokes memories! My Grandma used to grow them 😀 I have terrible luck with flowers as we have enormous amounts of slugs and snails, and I’m afraid I forget to keep a regular amount of snail bait on them, so they get eaten 🙁

    • I had trouble with the snails and slugs also! I put a little of that chemical snail bait around my seedlings, which worked, but I didn’t like the idea of putting a chemical pesticide around the plants that I was going to be eating! So I heard you can drown them in beer. Hubby still can’t figure out where some of his beer went 😉 Anyway, I am growing 3 types of tomatoes – Pantano Romanesco, Golden Sunray, and a volunteer my sister gave me – sugar baby. The purple fingerling potatoes were just an experiment. I bought the potatoes at a whole foods market (so I knew they were organic) to eat, but one of them had sprouted. I cut it in half and placed each half in the grow bag with just 6 inches or so of soil. As the potato plant grew, I added more soil and mulch. The thing just grew and grew and grew! The potato itself is supposed to get about 4-5 inches long and is narrow, like a finger. And it is purple through and through. When it comes harvest time we will see how successful this venture was. The melons are doing okay – they all have sunspots on them. I didn’t know about the sun blistering melons until my mom showed me. Lesson learned. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

      • During winter and summer I can get away with a bucket load of egg shells on the larger seedlings, but spring and autumn I have to use the bait. We are talking slugs and snails in enormous quantities. After rain you can go out into the back yard and fill a nappy bucket (aprox 20 ltr or so?) of snails easily — EVERY MORNING!! And the little buggers would still come!! I really want to to try copper wire around the rim of my beds, but it costs 🙁
        You’ve inspired me to see if I can find some purple potato seeds 😀 I have a cozy corner up under my son’s bedroom window that I am letting potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes grow.
        I usually save my seeds, but have never managed to regrow a batch of tomatoes unless they seeded themselves (my cherry tomatoes from a few years ago still try to take over the front garden!!) so I have a lot of freedom to try new varieties. Would you highly recommend your varieties? I grew pink accordions last year (along with cherry tomatoes) and they were scrumptious! But they while they were huge and tasty, there weren’t too many of them.
        You have a good weekend too 🙂 Looking forward to the next post 🙂

        • So far the tomatoes have done well – a lot of them are just coming ripe – and by the count of all the green tomatoes I may have a glut soon! No tomato hornworms yet, no fungus or anything else that I can see, so yes, I would recommend these. The Romanesco has a bit less of the jelly stuff inside it than most other varities, more like a beefsteak. The golden sunray really is a golden color – so pretty in a salad mixed with the red tomato – and has an excellent flavor! Thanks for following me!

  2. This is my first year gardening and it has been such a learning experience. Hopefully next year I won’t have so many things die on me or just simply not to do well. Your garden looks AMAZING all of that food looks so delicious. That is my goal for my garden. My family eats a lot of junk and home grown food has a sweet taste to it that you can’t get from store bought vegetables. Thank you so much for your inspiration and I may be stopping by your site next spring to be better prepared for the growing season ha.

    • Please don’t use me as an example! This is my first attempt at gardening in a very, very long time! Although I have had some successes, I have also had a lot of failures including having to pull out most of my squash due to squash mosaic virus, pepper seeds that just wouldn’t germinate, less than perfect (much) corn that tasted good anyway, and tomato plants that I didn’t realize would get so big that I’m not sure I can get in to harvest! I’m learning something new every day! But, I think you just have to dive in there and see what works. I can see I need to plant a lot more beans – they did very well, and beets – they did extremely well. Not so many squash next year – and certainly further apart. Well, you get the picture! Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by, reading my post and commenting!

    • Thanks so much, Nancy. Actually, I’m pretty much a newbie at this sort of thing, but I am discovering how much I enjoy gardening! I guess that is what is developing my green thumb. I really don’t work very hard at it, though. And the garden isn’t really very big – I think I just over-planted! Teehee! I stepped over to your site and saw that you just canned some pickled beets that you grew! I love pickled beets! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting – I’m sure we will be reading each other’s blog many times again in the future!

    • Thank you! It is pretty and was delicious! I roasted the beets and they were delish! Some of the carrots went into a crockpot with a roast – yum. The corn didn’t make it much further than that picture 😉 Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! And thanks for the kind comment. Vickie

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    I would be honored if you join us and follow to stay connected Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  4. Those lovely veggies caught my eye in the link party line up from Graced Simplicity. We are gardening too this summer. Our tomatoes are growing like crazy! They’re delicious, too. betty jo

    • Betty Jo – I stepped over to your website and saw your garden (and the struggling tomato plant) along with other posts about homeschooling. I love that you are using the garden as a science lesson. I used to be a Para-Educator of Special Education a few years ago and was in charge of the science curriculum and loved every minute of it! I also think it’s great that you are teaching your kids about different religions, and the Ramadan post was wonderful! Kudos – keep up the great work! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I appreciate any and all comments, and yours was heartfelt!

    • The purple potatoes are an experiment in growing as I’ve never grown potatoes before, but it sure is fun showing everyone my purple potato patch! The leaves actually have purple veining in them! Thanks for hosting your wonderful hop. I know it’s a lot of work, and I really appreciate it!

    • We are starting to really reap a bounty now! We had our first melon yesterday – the Schoon’s Hardshell Cantaloupe. It was warm from the garden and was absolutely delicious!

  5. Isn’t it amazing what, with the help of the good Lord, the earth provides for us? My garden is just starting to produce. Lots of squash, but no ripe tomatoes yet. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • Our first melon the other day was delicious! I can’t wait to try out our black turtle beans. I think I will try making some chili with the black beans, some tomatoes and the anaheim chili – anyone have a recipe? Thanks for stopping by.

  6. It is such a delight to harvest from one’s own garden – your vegies look amazing! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,