BBQ Cheese Stuffed Chili Peppers

The Anaheim Chili peppers are starting to produce – a lot!  What to do with all of them?  BBQ cheese stuffed peppers, of course!  They make great appetizers when you have a backyard BBQ party.  Actually, anytime you fire up the grill, throw a couple of these on!  I have mentioned this recipe before, but this time I am showing pictures!

Lisa, this one is for you!

First, grab yourself some Anaheim Chili Peppers.  I am lucky that last year my son, Michael, gave me one of these wonderful pepper seedlings he had received as a gift.  After I harvested and tasted my first chili from that plant, I was hooked!  Just a little zip, but mild enough that you can actually taste the flavor!  Thank you Michael for passing on the gift!  I liked them so much last year that this year I planted 3, and they are really starting to produce heavily!anaheim chili peppers on plant

Bring them inside, cut a rim around the top, not too deep, so when you pull the top off a lot of the seeds come out with it!  Then go out to the tool box and find some of those really long needle nose pliers and pull all the membranes out with the seeds.  You may have to put the pliers in, grab a membrane, then twist a bit.  Be gentle, you don’t want to break the pepper!  Cleaning out seeds from peppers

When the peppers are pretty much hollow, put them under running water to rinse them out.  This should get the last of the seeds out – which is where most of the “heat” is.  If you like really hot pepper seeds, by all means, leave them in!

Now, stuff in the cheese.  I have found it easiest to just buy those mozzarella cheese sticks, cut them in half, and stuff those in.  You can put any cheese in that you desire, but the creamy, melty type are our favorite.   chili peppers stuffed with mozarella

Clip the ends shut with metal paper clips.  You don’t want to lose any of that wonderful, ooey gooey cheese, do you?  Now throw them on the grill.  Any grill will do, even a well used, well loved, dirty grill like ours!  Watch them closely!  Grill until the skin gets brown and is puffing up, then turn over until the other side is also brown an puffy.  The ones below are getting close, but aren’t there yet.  You can also see what we are having with the stuffed chilis – rotisserie tri-tip soaked in red wine and garlic marinade – mmmmmm…………..grilling stuffed anaheim chili

Once grilled enough, the skin of the chili just peels away easily.  Even if the skin gets a bit over-done (ahem burned), usually just peeling it away does the trick.  I actually like mine on the over-done side!  peeling BBQ chili pepper

Enjoy.  🙂  I let these cool down a bit before I sliced them and took the picture.  But if you eat them when they are hot – beware – the melted cheese can burn your mouth like molten lava!  So we usually peel a few at a time, then eat!  If you wait too long to peel them, however, they can be a bit testy to peel, as the skin tries to re-adhere to the meat of the pepper.  If it will be a while before you eat them, go ahead and peel, then wrap up in foil to keep warm.sliced pepper with cheese

I hope you try these wonderful appetizers. 🙂  You can make them a day ahead and store in your refrigerator – which makes it a lot easier on party day.  When you serve, let your guests do the peeling.  It involves them in the meal and gives everyone something to do and talk about!  Let me know how yours turn out!

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14 thoughts on “BBQ Cheese Stuffed Chili Peppers

  1. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this. I’m thinking Fourth of July. Yummie! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Last year was my first year growing them – I had one plant. This year I have three 🙂 Next year, who knows how many!!! I will be stalking other websites in the near future to get more recipes for these wonderful chili peppers! Thanks for the comment Pam!

    • Becca – you gotta try them, they are amazing. They work really well as appetizers for BBQ parties. Everyone loves them! I am glad to share at A Humble Bumble because it’s a great party to hop around in! Hahaha

  2. Great to grow your own veggies and then you get to bbq them! love it!

    Thanks for sharing on the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT. We’d love it if you link back to BeBetsy. ♡ Have a terrific week.

    Sharon and Denise
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    • Thank you, Becky! I wouldn’t miss Tuesday Greens – one of my favorite hopping parties! I will see you again on Tuesday!