A Joyous Gift of Tulips!

Last fall my sister, Deana, gave me a huge bag of tulips for a birthday present.

♪♫♪♪ Happy Birthday To Me ♪♫♪♪♫   –  Oh wait, that was months ago! 😉

I must admit I was late getting them into the ground, but eventually dear hubby helped me plant them up on our future homestead sometime in November.  Some of them had already started sprouting while still in the bag and I don’t think that’s a good thing, but I went ahead and planted them all anyway.

So, I waited through December, then January and February.  Last month when we arrived at our future homestead for a work weekend, this is what I saw!

emerging tulips

Oh my, it looks like every single bulb survived and thrived!  The package that my sister gave me had a beautiful picture of tulips on the front in a variety of colors (most of them pink or pinkish) and I couldn’t wait to see what color my tulips would be!

This past weekend (Easter weekend) we drove up to the future homestead to water the orchard and work on a few projects, and this is what we saw!

beautiful tulips

They aren’t all pink!  There are yellow blooms with red stripes, and pink blooms with orange stripes! Oh beautiful joy. They are glorious! I am so glad I planted them as a boarder around the log retaining wall.  They can be easily seen and enjoyed from our “living room” and from the campfire also. red tulip blossomsUnfortunately, the weather may be turning quite nasty this coming weekend, so I am afraid that by the time we get back up there, most of the blooms will be gone.  But, you never know – I hear these flowers are pretty hearty!

That’s okay.  I will feed them, water them, and dream of next year’s blooms!  And as long as the vole doesn’t get them, they will be just fine. 🙂

yellow tulip with red stripes

Thank you, Deana, for the joyous gift!



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24 thoughts on “A Joyous Gift of Tulips!

      • Hello Vickie,
        I wanted to write something about our tulips, because I left it in the comments.
        A special feature is that our tulips are only cream white, and then after a few days their color change in red / white.
        Maybe you can see in this picture the yes.
        Have a nice weekend

    • Apparently bulbs are a bit more hearty than I thought they were! I’m glad yours bloomed also – I love daffodils! Thanks for the nice comment Tania. Come back soon 🙂

  1. I love tulips and yours are absolutely beautiful. I also planted quite a few new tulips last fall but still waiting for them to bloom. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays Blog Hop.

    • Thank you, Shannon. I had never planted tulips before because they don’t do well here in the Sacramento Valley. I guess that has to do with chill hours – we don’t usually freeze but a few days a year. Anyway, I was happy to plant them up on our future homestead and now I am hooked! Like you, I think I will be planting quite a few more! Thanks for stopping by, Shannon.

    • They are beautiful, aren’t they? These are the types of gifts that seem to mean the most – not especially expensive, but very thoughtful! Thank you for stopping by, Lauryn!

    • Apparently they are VERY forgiving! It’s wonderful how nicely they turned out considering the neglect (not on purpose!) they received! Thank you for your comment, Pam.

  2. Sweet gift and they are beautiful! Love seeing tulips in early Spring. Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday…

    • Unfortunately, the vole (little varmint) DID tunnel right next to the tulips so that they don’t stand upright anymore, but instead are leaning this way and that. But I don’t think he ate any of the actual bulbs because the flowers are still okay and the leaves are still pretty perky. I think he was just investigating. At least I hope so!